Scottsdale Marriage and Couples Counseling


Romantic relationships are truly the final frontier. There are few things we derive more pleasure from and also few things that prompt more pain. We all have our own idea about how we want our relationships to be and often we find ourselves in relationships that are not what we had in mind. After a crisis or months or years of struggling to make the relationship what we want it to be and it still is not, we often feel frustrated, angry, hopeless or any number of negative emotions and we look for some outside assistance to help us navigate this difficult relationship. A solution focused marriage counselor can help.


We can help you create the relationship that you had imagined and hoped for. It is usually not an easy path but the benefit of a healthy fulfilling relationship are truly rewarding. At Scottsdale North Counseling we focus on the solutions rather than the problems in relationship counseling. We promote and focus more on what you want to have and less on what you don’t want to have. Many times we focus on the problems and that is all the relationship becomes, just more problems. Couples counseling with a focus on the solution and getting more of what you want becomes the focus of your attention and efforts. It is a process called solution focused couples therapy and we blend it with a healthy dose of cognitive behavioral therapy that produces positive outcomes for marriages and couples. It is not magic and it involves hard work, but the right direction in your work is crucial to getting where you want to go.


If you are struggling with your marriage or relationship please give us a call and start the path to getting the relationship you want.