Scottsdale Addiction Counseling


One of the specialties of the Scottsdale counseling practice is the treatment of addictions. Addiction is one of the most common problems in our society today as well as at Scottsdale North Counseling Center. There are many types of addictions, here are a few that we treat:
- Drug
- Alcohol
- Sex – Pornography
- Relationship


Although there are many forms of addiction and many types and theories about treatment, what we have found to be most effective is meeting the client where ever they are in the addiction process and working with positive strength based techniques to encourage a healthier more balanced life. Obviously, it is not all rainbows and daisies, there is an ugly side to addiction that has to be confronted, understood and dealt with in order to move forward. Unfortunately, there is no easy way around and has to be gone through in order to really make changes that last, but if there is a willingness and desire then the outcomes typically are very positive.


Although many people benefit from an AA or NA or… not all people resonate with a 12 step model and that is understood. Even though we do respect the twelve step model we know not everybody can relate to it. We meet people where they are and find the most effective solution for their struggles. There seems to be a commonality amongst all addictions and that is a desire to escape feelings of one kind or another. One must learn to navigate difficult feelings or situations and learn their addiction triggers and ways of coping that do not involve addictive behaviors. We have a straight forward solution to a complex and difficult problem.
Let us help you get where you want to go, you will be pleased with your outcomes.